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Roasted Poblano Peach Spread


date apricot and goat cheese tortilla rollups

mixed greens salad with turkey and cranberry vinaigrette

holiday leftovers panini

vegetarian lemon artichoke risotto

fruit tarts with fig almond ice cream

dried fruit chutney tartlets

dried fruit and goat cheese tortilla roll-ups

date apricot basmati rice

smoked turkey panini with date apricot spread

date apricot goat cheese spread

chicken and fruit chutney salad

fruit and yogurt parfait

dried fruit chutney tartlets

dried fruit chutney ice cream

mango pineapple shrimp tarts

mango pineapple salmon salad

halibut with mango pineapple chutney

tropical cheesecake

mango pineapple & cheese tortilla roll-ups

mango pineapple tartlets

mango pineapple ice cream

garden tomato pesto bean salad

garden tomato pesto wraps

mixed green salad with garden tomato pesto vinaigrette

hatch chile pesto pasta

hatch chile pesto omelet

hatch chile chicken tortilla soup

sally’s hatch chile guacamole

seafood artichoke pesto gratin

lemon artichoke pesto dip

chicken artichoke pesto pasta

apple caramelized onion flatbread

apple caramelized onion & bacon quiche

balsamic four-onion glazed pork chops

prosciutto panini with balsamic four-onion spread

moroccan lamb tagine

four cheese pizza with balsamic four-onion spread

balsamic four-onion & cheese tortilla roll-ups

balsamic four-onion meat loaf

dolly’s delicious meatballs

balsamic four-onion turkey burgers

balsamic four-onion dip

cranberry-raspberry blood orange cream cheese spread

cranberry-raspberry blood orange yogurt parfait

cranberry raspberry blood orange chip ice cream

fig almond glazed duck

fig almond torte

fruit tarts with fig almond ice cream

fig almond pastry twists

fig almond & cheese tortilla roll-ups

fig almond tartlets

brie with fig almond spread baked in puff pastry

rosemary pear ice cream

rosemary pear salad

rosemary pear pork roast

smoky ginger peach cheese rollups

smoky ginger peach and goat cheese tartlets

rosemary pear and grilled chicken flatbread

broiled peaches with spiced sour cherry spread

grilled salmon with chipotle cherry sauce

spiced sour cherry tortilla roll-ups

chocolate cherry ice cream

spiced sour cherry cheesecake

spiced sour cherry vinaigrette

smoked turkey panini with artichoke parmesan tapenade

artichoke parmesan tarts

artichoke parmesan chicken rolls

black olive and white bean spread

black olive tapenade chicken salad

wilted spinach and black olive salad

hearty vegetable soup

santa fe rice salad with chile red pepper vinaigrette

chile red pepper burgers

chile red pepper & chicken wraps

southwestern chile casserole

chile red pepper & goat cheese spread

fennel blood orange salad

sauteed shrimp with fennel blood orange tapenade

crab cakes with fennel blood orange tapenade

corn cakes with portobello mushroom tapenade

portobello mushroom omelet

portobello mushroom stuffed zucchini

portobello mushroom and rice soup

roasted eggplant dip

eggplant tapenade-stuffed mushrooms

roasted eggplant tapenade lamb burgers

roasted vegetable guacamole

mediterranean halibut

chicken pasta puttanesca

roasted vegetable parmesan tarts

roasted vegetable stuffed zucchini

roasted vegetable hamburgers