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 no story of the gracious gourmet is complete without mentioning chutney, our 4lb toy poodle and a canine gourmet in her own right. Chutney and the gracious gourmet were born on the same day — Nov. 6, 2006, and she’s been bounding into the office every day for nearly as long.

While she does not answer the phone (yet!), Chutney is an indispensable part of the operation. By popular demand, here are some excerpts from a typical day in the life of Chutney:


 before work...

2013-05-24 09.54.39


                              chutney is not a morning dog… 






once she’s up, she takes a few minutes to stretch



but she’s a great sport, and does whatever it takes to wake up and be fabulous! so once she’s up, she’ll always take a few minutes to stretch.









2013-05-23 22.22.58 copy



…and, good morning world! she’s ready for the day!








helping out in the office...


2013-05-03 16.04.53



she reminds us to clean up the office.








 2013-05-16 14.14.42



 sometimes she supervises our shipping
department (while sunning)






after work...


2013-04-10 08.30.08good night, world!
after a long day,
chutney is fast asleep.